Natascha Fadeeva

Her co-programmer Paul likes to help her out.
Skills: iOS Development

A few words about you, who are you?

Hi, my name is Natascha. I’m a freelance iOS software developer from Leipzig.

I got my first iOS freelancing job back in 2013, while I was studying for my computer science master’s degree. It was really exciting and fun back then. And it still is.

Since then, I worked on several interesting projects for companies ranging from startups to enterprise corporations.

From time to time, I’m also teaching students how to develop mobile applications during their school holidays.

Recently, I started a blog at where I share my knowledge and aha moments of my every day job of iOS development.

In my non-coding time, I’m always up for some physical activity. Especially for sports like badminton, tennis or volleyball. I love being outside hiking, exploring new places and enjoying the nature. I’m passionate about animals, love being surrounded by dogs playing and training with them. And, the most important thing is doing all those things with my loved ones.

When and how did you get interested in coding?

Already as a child I had fun with games and tasks that needed logical thinking and problem solving. Math was my favorite subject at school. So the idea to study computer science was not far away.

And after I had acquired enough knowledge and started working on real projects, I was even more excited about becoming a software developer. I had so much fun that I knew how I want my every day job to look like.

What do you like about coding most?

I enjoy creating and solving something with knowledge and thinking alone. Especially when you reach a flow where you are motivated and concentrated in a positive and challenging way. You just forget the time and the work you are doing doesn’t feel like actual work.

What do you like to try/learn/know?

This year Apple has introduced some exciting new technologies for the iOS system such as SwiftUI and Combine. I’m learning them right now.

Besides iOS topics, there are also many other topics I’d like to learn. For example I’m learning the Haskell programming language when time allows, because I find purely functional programming languages quite exciting.

I’m also interested in further topics like Android development, backend development, artificial intelligence and more. I hope I will find some time to learn those in the future.