Show yourself

If you are creative, problem solving, or otherwise involved with computers, then share your experiences! You don't have to write software professionally, bring ten years of experience with you, or have a degree, because your very individual story can give others more courage and new impulses than you might think. We have noticed how exciting it is for us to think about our own experiences while answering the questions. Try it out. We are happy when you are there and show yourself!

How to put your profile, an initiative or a project online

You can find the project on GitHub and the profile pages are written in Markdown. Simply checkout the repo and open a PR with a feature branch containing your profile. See the README file for a step-by-step guide.

You can contact us at any time if you need help, have questions, or comments via email (hello at or on Twitter and Instagram.

How to support us

If you know people who should definitely show themselves, please let them know about the project and invite them to add their profile!

If you are missing an initiative on the page or know about a great project, please send us a message via email (hello at

You can also help to spread the idea by referring us through your social media channels, for example by linking or tagging us. We can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Isn't hacking illegal?

The term hacking is often used in mass media to describe a malicious action by a technically skilled person, like subverting security to break into computer systems to do damage. But the original meaning of this word is different! During the 1950s, this term described a devotion to technical challenges and was associated with creativity and originality. Those smart tinkerers called themselves hackers for the first time. It was around that time that the derived word to hack was coined, which these days stands for the creative solution for a technical problem.

We use the German word Hackerinnen in its original intent to describe people who are passionate about using a computer to solve problems creatively and turn ideas into reality. We reject using a computer for malicious and illegal purposes and do not support any related techniques or points of view.

Information for Recruiters

We don't know if the Hackerinnen presented on this platform are looking for a job, a career change, or a freelance gig. It this is the case, they're most probably already on the lookout on other platforms. This platform has no commercial purpose. We kindly ask you to refrain from recruiting activities via this network.